Sunday, March 3, 2013


Our sweet Muffin kitty was adopted from Happy Strays in February 2012. He started out as a scared little boy in a trap with his brother, but he now has a wonderful home! His new name is Boo and we are lucky enough to have him visit us every few months at Petco :) Thanks to Boo's new family for taking such good care of him.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Puma: From a Shoebox to a Furrever Home!

Puma started out as a kitten abandoned in a shoebox with her 3 brothers, but she's now living the dream life with new mom Claire! Thanks for adopting our sweet little girl, Claire!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Claire at 6 Months Old...
Claire at 2 Days Old
Claire...What can we say? She hit the jackpot when she found her new home!! She was bottlefed by foster mom, Lexie, from the time she was 2 days old. She found a home right away with the Kim family and another Happy Strays kitten, Rory. We are so happy for these two and were thrilled to have them come by and say hi at our La Canada Adoption Event today! 

Diamond...Her New Family!

Diamond was adopted and returned to us because the lady that originally adopted her said she didn't get along with her other cat. Well, lucky for our little Diamond...her foster mom...failed. Diamond was adopted by foster mom Emily and is doing better than ever. She has gained some weight and is loving life with her adopted brother, Shortie. Thanks, Emily, for adopting our beautiful Diamond!

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Gidget...Formerly Hunny...

Gidget (formerly Hunny) was brought into our home as a companion for Lola and another kitty for us to love. Her big wondrous eyes told us we HAD to bring her home. She is a bundle of energy and has given us constant entertainment and love. When she's not loving us, her favorite nest is in a cat bed on top of the dresser, where she can keep on eye on everything. She is always ready to cuddle and seems to know when we most need it.

Thanks for the update, Mary Jo! 

Another Happy Tale!

Lola (formerly Tuesday) came into our lives as a kitten and immediately won our hearts. She made herself right at home and befriended our older cats right from the start. She loves to cuddle up to us at night and watch the scenery outside the windows. She lets our elderly cat use her as a pillow. We are so lucky to have her in our lives. Her favorite place is in her S-bed where she drapes her chin over the edge and watches life outside the window.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Wonderful Thing About Tigger...

Tigger and her two brothers, Nalo and Oreo, were rescued from a feral colony a few months ago. All three kittens were shy, but started to come around once their rescuer was able to bring them inside. Unfortunately, their rescuer couldn't care for them anymore and the kittens were soon left with no place to go. Lucky for these three kitties, a previous adopter had contacted us interested in another kitty, and Tigger found her forever home with her! When Maria found out that Tigger's brothers, Nalo and Oreo, didn't have anywhere to go, she welcomed them as foster kitties. The boys are still looking for homes and it's been almost 4 months! Tigger's happy ending is wonderful, but we need to find homes for her brothers, so let us know if you're interested in these two tuxedo boys! Thanks to Maria for opening her home to not only one, but three kitties when they were in need!
January 5th PM Update: Foster Failure--Congratulations to Maria for officially adopting Nalo and Oreo herself!